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Ministry Construction was started in 2007, right at the start of the downturn of the economy. Our primary business at that time was new construction project management and consultations. We helped contractors and home owners achieve their goals. Knowing that the economy was going to cool, we reinvented our services to accommodate the market. This meant we needed to help people fix what they had, we did this through offering a handyman service. The service quickly gained popularity and began to develop into larger projects, remodels and additions. This is our primary business today, we do everything from the honey-do fixes, to additions, and remodels. One of our strengths is our ability to be creative with space and solve difficult building situations, we are problem solvers.




Devine Gutters was an addition to our family of construction services in 2020. Kevin had done all of the gutter work for our company and all of  our projects for many years and it was a natural addition to the family. Our gutters are 5k continuous/seamless steel or aluminum. 



Noti Cabinets is the newest addition to our construction family 2021. We provide plywood cabinet boxes, real wood boxes, real wood doors and drawers with soft close and tray pull out shelving in a reasonable timeframe. When it comes right down to making a purchase of cabinet locally that is not a particle board or foil wrapped there are not to many options. 

When it comes right down to it, we want to help you, our community: BUILD LIFE.

We are happy to help. Give us a call.

Owner: Rob Adams


Growing up we built treehouses and skateboard ramps. After graduating I went to work for a furniture manufacturer

where I excelled in production and leadership. Working my way through the ranks to management I had a strong desire to help people not just learn a skill but be successful in all of life. 

We moved to Eugene to attend college and I went to work for another furniture manufacturer until I found myself on staff at church. I thought that was the next step in helping people. It was just that, a step. I met a man that was helping people build houses, he wanted to connect people to the church to learn biblical principles in a practical way. We were a great team. Together we were able to help people learn biblical principles and achieve the goal of homeownership and this gave me the opportunity to grow my construction knowledge and skill, over approx 12 years we built over 550 homes, taught 1,000s of classes on practical everyday topics. This is where Ministry Construction was born...


In a nut shell: I work (construction) for a living and pastor (help people) for fun.   

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Phone Number-  541-520-8051


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